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WIP Journal

WIP Journal

WIP Radio: An image of the past with sounds from the future

Words by Daniyaal Khan

Back in the summer of 2018, AusterWIP launched a monthly residency on the Delhi based online radio station It marked the beginning of a big bang, with artists and DJ’s from all around the world contributing with their inter galactic sounds. Fast forward to 2020, the residency is now into its third season with a sonic prowess that magnifies and mimics time travel. This space exploration oscillates between many worlds, weaving through different interpretations of sound, vision and mind. The aim remains the same; providing a fresh take on music via artists and DJ’s that represent a valuable form of expression. The list includes a fair share of established and emerging talent from all parts of the world.

Work in Progress: On & Off Air 

The season 1 features WIP’s frequent collaborators aka friends, Shama Anwar and Mr Sheff Codes.  Kickstarting the age of WIP Radio with trap, classic hip hop and a pinch of afrobeat/dancehall jams. The opening season also coincided with Off Air, a monthly event hosted by DJ MoCityus in New Delhi, these events presented an opportunity for WIP Radio DJ’s and artists to showcase their vibey skills live on the decks in the club. With two more episodes by Know VA and A.G, the first chapter ends on final notes of bass, footwork and experimental sounds. The combined supernova of on-air and off-air WIP sounds continued until the worst of 2020 hit us. We can’t wait to bring it back to you once things go back to normal.

Work in Progress: Home & The World

While Season 2 comes in the form of eight episodes, it includes various shapeshifters who are masters of their craft and culture; we have Mumbai born and LA based hitmaker Hotel Garuda with a breezy mix of chill and pop, Conducta with a kiwi flavoured juice of UK garage and grime plus renowned dubstep and bass DJ Champion. The cosmic journey continues via the manipulative rhythms and frequencies of Sansibar. Hailing from Finland, he uses an experimental method of deep soundscapes and structured beats to highlight his sonic voyage. The first half of this season is carefully curated to provide a focused listening experience, with subtle hints of grooves and layers enough for a body high syncopation. It’s the second half where things take a turn towards a more vibrant and high tempo electronic works on the next few episodes of Season 2. Argentinian DJ and Producer, Tayhana brings her exuberant energy with a floor throbbing mixture of explosive and regional hits, perfect for a night of endless dancing and driving. We also have Manara who makes a very important contribution of Bollywood bootlegs, global edits and cutting-edge club music, a signature sound she is known for. A quickfire session of analysis proves that these two DJ’s from completely different continents manage to form a unison of sorts, effortlessly blending tracks that merge into each other with sounds that are regionally cooked and beats that are made for the club. Next up is NYC’s waviest resident, Nick Hook, known for his clever selection and undeniable skill. The distinguished performer and producer continues to surprise with his cut of floor heaters, while sliding and twisting the knobs like a mad (read genius) scientist. For the last episode, She’s Drunk takes his usual unconventional approach to end it on an elevated note, freed from the structure of routine and chaos. With another rotation complete, the sonic and visual identity move to another direction, again.

Work in Progress: Home & The World

The ongoing season 3 is complete with equal parts futurism and nostalgia, curated by global dance music sensation Nina Las Vegas, and Lorkestra, who follows it up with a blues-y brew of hip-hop and RnB beats. The WIP Radio satellite is still at the helm, warming up for another celestial experience. The recent couple of transmissions by Orlando and Sanna are still fresh amidst the unknown, where these multidisciplinary artists experiment with countless loops of funk, techno and everything in between.

WIP Radio seeks to use music as a platform not just for artist expression, but also as a means for inner meditation, enlightenment and entertainment. With a futuristic vision for music, we try to look back at the trajectory of music through the fabric of space-time. And usually it makes for an expansive listen as there is something for any genre, mood or feeling.

Visit our Mixcloud page to stream all past episodes of WIP RADIO. 


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