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From fast fashion to post-Covid predictions and impulse buying patterns, Vaishnavi is set to cover it all and more in her ‘tell it like it is’ series for WIP journal. Remember ‘Fashion Police’ with Joan Rivers? Yeah, this is 10x more scathing than that. JK, but fr we all need a reality check when it comes to our excessive consumerism.

Shivram is a Delhi-based digital writer with extensive experience writing and strategising for the big bad corporates as well as smaller youth-led fashion, lifestyle, F&B and hospitality brands. Her keen eye, passion for sleuthing coupled with a “no f***s given” attitude is bound to make for some inspired content. We’re pretty excited.

We caught up with the fashion graduate on what we can expect from the series, her inspiration for the BOMB visual identity and what her new at-home work lifestyle looks like.

Roychuu: What’s one thing you wish people knew about you?

Vaishnavi: I often get shit for not picking up phone calls or not calling people back, so I guess what I wish people knew was that it has nothing to do with them. I just get super anxious with phone calls and I just, in general, don't prefer calls! Also that I love being the devil's advocate, it's not just to argue, but I truly love knowing something from all aspects to understand it in the best way possible. 


R: What drew you towards studying Fashion, straight out of school? What career were you envisioning for yourself then?

V: I think it's such a versatile medium. And it’s a super fun way of expressing, I guess that's what drew me to fashion back then. As for the career that I was envisioning, I think I wanted to be a writer in a fashion magazine, but I realised soon that it wasn't my cup of tea haha.


R: Tell us what you’re reading currently. Has it impacted your thinking, opinions in any way?

V: I am currently reading a bunch of articles, I haven't started a book in a long time. but I'm reading stuff on jobs and the economy post CoVid, also educating myself on concepts such as gender, prejudice, religion and atheism, the nuances of intersectionality etc. 


R: Tell our audience a little about your new series ‘Hot or Not’ and what we can expect from it in the coming few weeks.

V: So in the series 'Hot or Not' I essentially touch upon concepts and practices across culture, fashion and business, and figure out what's cool and what's not by weighing both sides of the situation. 


R: What’s a fashion trend that’s really hot, and one that’s really not?

V: What's hot is anything and everything to do with sustainability, so that can go from using organic materials to producing only when required. What's not, is fur, leather.. all of that is just much worse than any other practice in my opinion. 


R: Send us a picture of your workfromhomestation. What are some things you can’t work without?

V: My laptop, a notebook, a highlighter (i just love highlighters!!), my hand cream, vaseline, some snax, and my glasses.


 Image credit: Vaishnavi Shivram

R: Where are you travelling to as soon as this lockdown is over and why?

V: I think first would be to just travel to see my friends and family. And then a bigger trip would be to some beach with a few of my friends. 


Image credit: Vaishnavi Shivram

R: The visual identity for your series lies somewhere between ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Patriot Act’. Why did you pick those two specifically?

V: I think the combination of those two explains my style really well. The two have an incredibly young voice and resonate really well with their audience. Mean Girls because my preferred colour scheme comes from there and some callbacks. Patriot Act because I think Hasan Minhaj does a fabulous job of explaining complex concepts in a very simple way, so that's something I would hope to do in my series as well. 


R: In your opinion, which brands are doing an exceptionally good job connecting with their audience and addressing their issues in the current social climate, and why?

V: I think OLIO is doing a fabulous job!! I thoroughly enjoyed their story takeovers by various artists. I loved how they all shared their own experiences and what they were all up to during the pandemic. Also because it speaks volumes about their brand and what they're about. I also enjoyed their series where they used vintage posters/pictures to send across useful messages about CoVid. 


R: Share a meme that's made you laugh or think recently.

V: Quite a few, there are some attached below.



R: Lastly, any creative, relief group, brand or cause you’d like to shout out?

V: HelpAge India 


Yoddhas - Indians fighting against cancer 


Check out her new series on WIP JOURNAL.


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