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WIP Journal

WIP Journal


Using the undeniable power of nostalgia, the ‘No Walls’ T redesigns a popular Indian ice-cream brand logo from the ‘90s, with a resounding call for inclusivity. Profits from each sale of the T go back to a human rights organisation upholding fundamental freedoms for marginalised communities in India.

The ’90s summers have been romanticised endlessly in music, films and fashion. There’s always something that keeps drawing us back to it. A surreal, hazy, VHS light filtering in through the windows. Sultry, aimless days spent lying in bed listening to the same songs again and again on your mp3 player. Putting on glitter eyeshadow, painstakingly making a 100 tiny braids to look like your favourite MTV pop idol. Writing letters to your crush. Making slam books for your friends to write in. Summers meant free time and the possibilities were endless. 

But, one thing that really stands out, something every ‘90s Indian kid will remember—are those late night trips to the ice-cream stand with your friends and family. For us Delhi kids, those were drives to India Gate or a sweaty afternoon walk to the local Mother Dairy. It was something to look forward to. Something you earned. 

Kwality, the OG Indian ice-cream company, was founded in 1956, and was the first in the region to import machinery for the mass production and sale of ice cream on a commercial scale. Into a dreary, homogeneous product offering, came some timeless favourites—Cornetto, Feast, Mango Duet. New constructions and flavours that have become the cornerstone of our ‘90s summer stories. 

Ice Cream

Our ‘No Walls’ T remixes this cosy feeling, ricocheting it back to today’s socio-political climate. The function of a ‘wall’ both physical and metaphorical is to divide. They limit connection and visibility, increase isolation and intolerance. This simple, straightforward message comes at a time when social and economic divisions are increasing exponentially due to Covid-19, widespread police brutality and increasingly nationalist sentiments. This T is our call for inclusivity, a call to recognise there are countless realities and identities co-existing that need equal visibility and support.

No Walls

All profits from the sale of this T will go back to Citizens for Justice and Peace. They are a human rights movement with a presence in all the Indian states, dedicated to upholding and defending our fundamental freedoms, in the courts and beyond. They work to protect the rights of the voiceless belonging to different socio-cultural minorities. Including, but not limited to caste, religion, sexuality and gender—through direct legal interventions, public campaigns and partnerships with human rights defenders. 

No Walls T

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